The Amalfi Coast: Destination Guide

Taste the smooth, sweet wine on your lips as you look out onto the cerulean Amalfi

coast. For the day, explore the luxurious beaches and restaurants this exceptional coast

has to offer. At night, get a taste of the fine dining and wine pairings Italy supplies.

The culture alone will have you swooning as you gain a taste of the art and history

of Italy, the refreshing limoncello is just the cherry on top.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is known for its spectacular views and gorgeous getaways just a

quick ride away. This charming, quintessential town of Italy leaves no comparison

to its beauty. The colorful array of houses and restaurants build to a cliff view over

the Italian coast. It is seductive to most travelers when they see this little corner of

the world. Truly, an oasis, surrounded by mountains and country side. There is a bit

of everything with this destination.

For a delicate palate of Amalfi, here are the top sights and day trips we recommend

for your luxurious getaway.

The Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea:

for a taste of history and rich culture, with an added bonus of the stunning view that will leave you wanting to stay forever.

Path of Gods:

get a little adventurous and take on this hike around the entire

cliff of Amalfi. The Path of Gods, said to give many a good rush of adrenaline if you make it high enough.

Villa Cimbrone:

the hotel to give you the ultimate view and a dining experience that is unique to say the least. This would also be one of our top recommendations for a luxury stay in Amalfi. The gorgeous gardens, an unforgettable view with a glass of chianti in hand. Perfection.

Museo Correale:

gain a piece of history at this 18th century villa turned museum holding Neapolitan art work. Tucked away in Sorrento, Italy this is not a landmark you want to miss. The art, the luscious land filled with greenery and thevilla itself is a beautiful picture, especially at golden hour. The sun hits the villa perfectly reflecting a beautiful golden tone against the surrounding nature. Antonello della Mura: have a local shopping experience with some high Italian fashion at this uniquely artistic marketplace. If you fancy one-of-a kind finds, this is the place to be.


take a getaway trip on a yacht and head to Capri, along the coast. Truly an unforgettable experience to see the coast from a new perspective, but also to explore a new island that shares it’s beauty with the wonderful Amalfi.


take in one last piece of history at this architectural splendor. The high rise of stairs will open up to a massive archway and pillars with murals painted on delicately in place. Once inside, the artwork tells a beautiful story of their Catholic history dating back to the 9th century. In the evening is it a beautiful golden stream of chandelier lights illuminating the artwork in a way that can only be described as angelic.


take a day trip to the architectural, intellectual town of Ravello. Decreed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this ranks as one of the most famous Italian destinations. Explore the museums, cathedrals, gardens and more with an overlook of mountain ranges peering behind you.


another stunning, colorful village located in the heart of Amalfi. The fine dining and winery options will enlighten your Italian experience. Many upscale bars at this location are tucked above, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. We recommend taking one of our super yachts to get the full perspective of the luxurious Positano.

When to Visit

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is in the Spring time. July and August are

the most popular months to visit, temperatures can get a bit high at times however

so be aware before visiting.

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