The 15 Best Restaurants in O'ahu

Hawaii, the island of fresh poké and stunning multicolored tropical fruit. The taste of this paradise will leave you in we. These restaurants have the highest ratings for their use of rich flavors and luxurious presentations.

1. Chef Mavro

Local cuisine meets the artistic flare of Chef Mavro the maestro. Fresh island fish, lobster and local cuisine are all options on the menu. But also a full vegan/vegetarian menu is provided. Every option can be found here, with the ultimate authentic experience.

2. Vintage Cave

Surrounded in a cathedral environment, Europe meets Hawaii. This elegant restaurant and club is known for it’s fine wine and beautiful artistic environment. Truly a unique hub to find a superb meal with a gorgeous interior.

3. Chef Chai

Chef Chai brings the atmosphere of artistic culture to the table. Fresh local ingredients mixed with an Asian perspective. The restaurant itself is in a prime location, surrounded by the downtown life.

4. Roy’s

Located in Hawaii Kai, this fine restaurant will start you off with seasoned vegetables and have you craning for the seafood beautifully presented before you. This choice keeps it fairly local with the plate options and has a more relaxed vibe to it.

5. Nobu

A recent addition to the well known luxurious restaurant hub of Los Angeles, California. Nobu has finally made it to Hawaii, and brought that same exclusive, elegant romantic vibe with it. An upscale Japanese-styled eatery that brings you the best sushi and hand crafted cocktails in town.

6. La Mér

Awarded a five-star rating from the Forbes Travel GuideThis restaurant experience cannot be beat. Located at the Halekulani, with an open-air environment and a beautiful view of the ocean in front of you La Mer is known for its fine French cuisine and wonderful hospitality.

7. Arancino

The prime Italian restaurant that everyone must try. Topped with a European outdoor setting, the food is beautifully created with flavors and colors you won’t forget. They are artfully created and topped to perfection. Add a bottle of fine wine to really get the full Italian experience here.

8. Azure

Located at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, this seafood eatery is created with the concept of fresh and locally made ingredients. Azure has a spectacular view directly on the beach, a beautiful spot when craving fresh organic options for a sunset meal.

9. Orchids

Oceanside and elegant, Orchids at the Halekulani hotel is a stunning restaurant to experience. The cuisine celebrates an Italian coastal menu with many rich flavors.

10. Paris Hawaii

The contemporary feel to this new dining location is bringing a piece of the future to Parisian food. Everything is made to a Tee, each with careful detail perfectly put into the meal. It will leave you in high spirits from the cultural ambience you endure.

11. House Without a Key

Halekulani also has this incredible restaurant setting, with an outdoor view. Live music will appear on some nights, the perfect time to have a mai tai at sunset.

12. Assaggio

Italian cuisine with a family friendly atmosphere. Assaggio is a superb restaurant you won't want to miss. The bistros are set with a beautiful view of the ocean close by. Enjoy, as you sip on a glass of wine, and divulge into the pasta creations.

13. Viaggio

Fine dining, stunning presentations, and the best wine pairings for your food. A truly luxurious restaurant. Located in the heart of downtown near the Honolulu Museum of Art.

14. Tanaka of Tokyo

One of our local favorites, where the food is made in front of you. The artistic and comedic chefs entertain you as they create each meal. They do every movement with intention and pizazz.

15. Morimoto

The Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto is brings his techniques to bridge between Japanese culture and American tastes. The signature style and atmosphere from this restaurant is romantic in a dimly lit environment. Each dish will create a new exciting experience.

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