Top 10 Luxury Beaches of California

From San Diego to San Francisco, California has many options for you to get your high luxury experience. With a coastline that is 840 miles long, and over 420 beaches to choose from, narrowing down your options can be tough. This is our guide to acquiring the best views.

1. La Jolla Shores

San Diego is a fun, quaint city, rich in various cultures. A melting pot of cuisine (we

recommend heading to little Italy or the authentic Mexican towns nearby such as Old Town).

Its primary beach, voted one of the highest in California for its beauty and fantastic view

points, sits in a curved coast where wildlife can be found constantly. The cyan mixture of

aquatic colors and luscious waves add a perfect serenity to the experience. The nightlife is

also beyond compare, with a cornucopia of options for you.

2. Laguna Beach

Beautiful beaches, caves, tide pools, spas and much more. This is one of the most relaxing

beaches to choose from with many options for activities. State parks and cliffs are not too far

away, and Laguna is also home to one of the few underwater state parks in the world, Crystal Cove, giving you gorgeous sea life at every beach spot. End your evening on a super yacht cruise or at a beach-view wine bar like the Rooftop Bar, a classic favorite.

3. Huntington

One of our favorite beach locations with stunning rooftop views. Whether you’re a sunrise or

sunset person won’t matter, they are both incredible at this city in California. Fine dining and

cocktail options are all along the beach walk. Enjoy the view as you sit back and relax, the

sounds of the ocean drifting you off.

4. Newport Beach

A classy beach town with accommodating yacht options for your luxurious trip. Located near

by is the quintessential town of Balboa. Much like the Hamptons, this small cove brings you

a piece of history and elite private villas directly on the beach front.

5. Santa Monica

The classic boardwalk that is highly well known. Located near the infamous Hollywood

Hills, there are plenty of posh restaurants to check out near the iconic Santa Monica Pier.

Check out Third Street for some shopping while you’re there as well and get the total

package of a “Los Angeles experience.” Nightlife is also incredible here in LA, with elite

VIP sky bars and clubs that could take you back to the 20s era for a night.

6. Malibu

Malibu truly is the perfect location to get some fun in the sun and simultaneously secure that

spectacular, luxurious experience all rolled into one vacation. Try out the surf at this perfect

swell spot, head to one of the superb winery locations or take a day trip out on the water.

Malibu will not disappoint.

7. Santa Barbara

Fine wine, beautiful artwork and architecture encircled by a coast that glistens with sunshine

constantly. Santa Barbara is a luxurious choice with many fine dining options. Located not

too far off from other locations as well, it is a picture perfect choice for your travels. Climate

wise, this city will be a little cooler. If you are wanting to get out of the heat but still enjoy

the view, this might be the place to be.

8. Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz is another infamous beach location known for its spa getaways and fabulous surf. There are plenty of luxury yachts to adventure on as well on Santa Cruz Island. The main beach here has unique cliff drops and hikes to take with dining options looking out over all of it.

9. Big Sur

Big Sur is a must see. A cove tucked away in the hills of California. Known for its surf

waves, many competitions have happened at this very spot. The water turns to a blue-green

teal color and you are encompassed with warm sunshine and the scent of palm trees. The

long arc bridge that takes you to this stunning little town truly shows its location in Northern

California. One step closer to the Golden Gate Bridge itself.

10. Baker Beach - San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge towers in the background, artistic districts and unbelievable

restaurants surround. San Francisco is a Northern California must-see. The history and

architecture alone when it comes to this city, is astounding. Sea cliffs, nearby islands, and the infamous Napa Valley. Spend your time enjoying the hundreds of districts that make up this wondrous destination.

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