Also known as the "Sunshine State” Florida offers a different take on beaches and the luxury destinations. Super yachts are aplenty. Take a private tour with one of our experienced captains and instantly relax into your comfort zone. There are various hues of cerulean and teal that reflect off the waves as you head out from shore, you look back to the skyline of city life and the view is exquisite. Key West, Tampa, Miami and many other options await you with this stunning location.

Fort Lauderdale

The top yacht destination in Florida, is considered the “Venice of America” complete with beach front five-star resorts like the Ritz Carlton. High quality seafood is found in most restaurants at this location, along with classy 20s inspired cocktail lounges and speakeasies. This destination will bring you back in time.

Las Olas Boulevard

High-end shopping at its finest. Luxury designers, fine dining restaurants and cocktail lounges, it is the cherry on top to your Fort Lauderdale experience. Events also take place at this venue with wine tastings, Dj’s and other various live music options.


Private speedboat tours, Havana “cafecitos", and cabanas right on the beach front. Miami also offers various live music options and takes its Latin roots to new heights with fine restaurants and dancing options. Open air shopping malls with luxury brands, super yacht getaways and fantastic art museums with upscale new age designs.

Art Deco District

Miami’s art district contains the largest concentration of 1920s and 30s architecture in the world. The retro-turned modern district has its own culture, night life and fashion. The old-fashioned hotels bring you back in time, but the night life and music will balance and modernize your experience. 


South Beach Diving

Known for its colorful reefs, South Beach is one of the spots to see from underwater. A diving expedition will bring a view of wildlife such as sharks, fish, eel, puffers, turtles and much more. The colorful coral at the bottom truly stands out giving a lively and vibrant affinity to the underwater adventure. 

Key West

The drive alone from Miami to Key West is stunning. An unbelievable ride over the water brings you to understand the beauty within Florida. Famous authors Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost and Tennessee Williams have called this local island their home. From Key West, Cuba is approximately 90 miles away. This shines through the culture of southern Florida with its Latin vibes and fun atmosphere.

Mallory Square

A sunset is a true celebration from this spot on the water. The sky lights on fire with tangerine and rouge hues, the sailboats off in the distance silhouette against the painting of colors. See the view of it from a rooftop lounge or head out on one of our luxury yacht experiences to get the full effect.


Key West is a great location to see dolphins specifically, however the coral reefs are also renowned. Head over to the dry tortugas for a day of clear water views and underwater statues. Fort Zachary Taylor also contains underwater remnants of old statues and ship wrecks. Have a full day of private snorkeling with our most experienced guides to see it all. 

Yacht Deck


Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and much more.

California- LA.jpg


San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, and much more. 



Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and much more.

Palm Trees

Oahu, Maui, Kauai, The Big Island. Ocean therapy awaits.



Fly to Paris, spend a week in Italy and taste incredible wine, explore architecture and new cultures abroad.



Spend your days lazing away or enjoy the adventure these islands offer with it.

New York Office

From the fast paced life of the city to the soothing luxury of the Hamptons.



An island oasis experience, complete with clear cerulean water and private villas



Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and much more.


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