Taste the fresh toasted bread, topped to perfection with a dash of olive oil, feel a cool breeze in your hair as you sail out to the Italian coast. Have a late night cocktail as you watch the Eiffel light up in all its effervescence and take in the spectacular history, and culture Europe has to offer. Europe has the ultimate luxury experiences with many different options on taste, weather, fashion and much more.

  • Image by Jack Ward

    From the Amalfi Coat, to Rome, Milan, Venice or Tuscany.

  • Image by Siebe Warmoeskerken

    Paris, Cannes, Nice, and more. 

  • Image by Alfons Taekema

    Madrid, Barcelona, Grenada, Valencia.

  • Image by Samuel Zeller

    London, Oxford, Southampton and more.

Other Destinations

Yacht Deck

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and much more.

California- LA.jpg

San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, and much more. 



Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and much more.

Palm Trees

Oahu, Maui, Kauai, The Big Island. Ocean therapy awaits.


An island oasis experience, complete with clear cerulean water and private villas.


Fly to Paris, spend a week in Italy and taste incredible wine, explore architecture and new cultures abroad.

New York Office

From the fast paced life of the city to the soothing luxury of the Hamptons.


Spend your days lazing away or enjoy the adventure these islands offer with it.



Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and much more.


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