Algarve Yacht Charter Adventure

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Begin your luxurious adventure through the Algarve in Portimao. This cosmopolitan city is also one of the largest in the Algarve and offers award winning museums, stunning beaches, shipwrecks for diving (with some interesting ocean life to see) and much more. International Race Circuits will also occur at this busy city, and a well known Classic Car Festival in the fall is a must-see for many of its visitors. 


Lagos is a stunning cliffside area with beautiful seafoam waves racking in the distance. Horseback ride on the Meia Praia or for a more private experience head to a hidden corner of the Ponta da Piedade. Surrounded by hidden coves that many can’t get to by foot, private areas are not hard to come by. Take the day and relax on the beach or enjoy kayaking to several of the cave options located at this destination. 




Faro, the capital city of the Algarve, is Portugal’s southernmost region known for its extraordinary Atlantic beaches and elite golf resorts overlooking the coast. This sun-kissed corner of the country is rich in culture, gorgeous architecture and a culinary scene with style. This is a hidden-gem destination, therefore giving its visitors the pleasure of privacy and an opportunity to enjoy a retreat in pure un-touched bliss. Explore the waters, enjoy the golden hues against its land formations at sunset, and savor one of the several Michelin-Star restaurants at this phenomenal culinary epicenter.


Tavira or Culatra Island 

Choose to explore the island life of Portugal, with Tavira (a personal favorite of ours) or Culatra. Swim in the clear waters and lay out in the sun for the ultimate private beach experience. Snorkeling is also a common option for tourists here, with the clear waters fish are easy to spot if you swim out a bit. 






Known as the largest fishing port in the Algarve, Olhao encompasses the culture of bohemian sophistication. This location is filled with spacious detailed markets and unbelievable seafood. Artists studios that are historically reformed are also located in this town with famous artists such as Antonia Williams, or Alexandra Gonin. 



Located on the border between Portugal and Spain, Ayamonte is a perfect port town. Lounge in a private villa or at one of the highly recommended resorts, or spend the day golfing at the Isla Canela Golf Club. Take a private excursion along the Guadiana River or explore the diverse life at the Isla Cristina Marshes Natural Park. The sight is remarkable and will leave you feeling relaxed.